Triangle Casineros teaches two related dances from Cuba. One is rueda (de casino) and the other is casino.

Rueda (de Casino)

This is a partner dance with at least two couples forming a circle. We refer to the dance as rueda to distinguish it from casino. Rueda originates from casino and developed in the 1950s.  It is recognizable because individuals in a couple switch partners, typically to the individual to their right.  Rueda means wheel in Spanish because of the shape formed by dancers in a rueda. You can also recognize rueda because you will hear or see a caller calling the next move to be danced. The caller may also call using hand signs to show the move. When a move is called, couples execute moves in unison and partner changes occur simultaneously. This is part of the fun when dancing rueda!

Many moves learned and danced in rueda can be danced in casino. Rueda is usually danced “on the one” or “on the two”.

Like many Latin dances, rueda has a basic and it is called guapea. As rueda is a popular dance globally, many forms of guapea do exist. There are also difference versions of rueda danced in the USA. Two of note are Cuban rueda (as danced in Cuba nowadays) and Miami Cuban rueda, developed by Cuban immigrants in Miami, FL.


This is the older of the two dances offered by Triangle Casineros, developing from son and danzon, two older Latin dances from Cuba. Casino is a danced as a couple, like salsa. Casino, the dance has the same timing and number of steps like salsa but it is not salsa. Unlike salsa, casino is notable because both the lead and follow use all the space around them as they dance. This is why when dancing casino, a couple can easily dance over to more space on the dance floor without ever stopping! Casino is not a danced in a line or slot. If you dance salsa already, you actually know the timing and when to step for casino.

When dancing casino, the lead has to lead very clearly because the versatility in how a move can be executed. This also requires the follow to know how to follow. E.g. Exhibe/exhibela can be lead with either the left hand, the right hand or even double handed!

Many rueda moves are common casino moves danced in succession and given an individual name.

Both casino and rueda can be danced to salsa music but also timba (modern Cuban music that is a fusion of many genres including jazz, rock and Cuban folkloric music), son and Latin jazz.